Effects Music Player: Sound Pitch & Bass Booster App Reviews

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No more search for chipmunk versions around the Internet and also the bass booster effect is great! Beautiful music player!! Great


It is super fun short I know

Aint workin

Its not lettin me play anything


The music player is beautiful, Ill give you that. I was shown this app as an add when searching for an app that would let me change the pitch of my music (in realtime). This apps name is Chipmunk, and yet that feature is locked? Over half of the eleven features are behind a paywall, with many of them being unimpressive. I could easily do those within a different app which offers many other features. Not impressed.

Customer Service

Very impressed with speed of response to my issue. So much that I had to write it officially.

Its ok could be a lot better

Its ok could be a lot better. I would like to see the background more clearly instead of being so blurry

Great, however, just one problem...

This app is pretty great. All of the filters you can apply to the music youre listing to are amazing. The effect "Witness," which significantly lowers the pitch of the song your listening to, can really bring out certain parts of the track youre listening to. I have Adobe Audition CC 2014, a music editing software program. When applying certain filters in the program, the majority of the audio quality is lost. However, in this app none of the audio quality is lost when effects and filters are applied. My only complaint is that with some of the tracks in my library, the song starts after about 5-10 seconds of play, then it ends almost 25 seconds early. This makes it so the song cuts out at the end before it finishes. Other than that and the fact that you have to pay for the majority of the effects, its a pretty cool app and is totally with it.


This app is horrible you have to buy everything

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